Welcome to Year 3

Our Wonderful Teachers         

Left to Right - Mrs Trembath R18 Year 3 Team Leader / Mrs Oxford R7 / Mrs Robertson R8 / Ms Lewis and Mrs van Kuijk R10 Y2/3 

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Room 18

Mrs Trembath

Room 8

Mrs Robertson

Room 7

   Mrs Oxford

Room 10

Ms Lewis/Mrs van Kuijk

Introduction to the Year 3 Team - Slide deck and audio

Open the slide deck and listen to our introduction to the 2024 Year 3 Team. Pause the audio anytime to look in detail at the slides. Email addresses are on the last slide just in case you have any questions for the class teacher.

Our School Calendar

Using Devices at school  - stick to the rules!

Literacy Links

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What can you do to solve any problems you come across? If you need support from an adult, always ask. We are here to help you.

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